why viddi?

It’s Simple.

We make digital signage easier and more affordable than you thought possible.

If you use traditional signboards or printed material to communicate with your

customers instore, then Viddi is exactly what your business needs. No matter how niche or how large.

everything you need instore

  • Viddi is your instore silent salesman
  • Viddi tells the customer what the salesperson can’t
  • Viddi creates the brand story for your brand and your suppliers brands
  • 70% of people can be switch sold at the point of purchase
easy integration

We mean it. It’s easy. Connect the device to your display. Download our app from the app store. Follow the installation instructions and enjoy your digital signage experience!

easy mass deployment

The end of manual configuration: zero-touch setup for AppleTV (Jamf) devices.

easy management

Anything from creation, to editing, scheduling, and cross-platform collaboration – your dashboard is the simplest way to control your digital signage content and screens in any part of the world.

dev support makes it easy

Our team of system engineers and developers is there for you and your projects. You’ll finally have time for the wonderful things life is all about.

full solution provider

With our focus to create a unique in-store experience for your customers, Viddi support you from the start to the finish of your digital retail technology journey, from the initial strategy consultation, all the way to the installation and ongoing customer and technical support.

ready to start?

Contact us today!