create, schedule and manage your content across all connected screens.

a simple IT solution

When we say simple, we mean it. IT departments don’t need another headache, and neither do you, which is why we’ve designed Viddi to be super simple to manage.

from 1 location to 1000+

Every location is important, so whether you have 1 or 1000, we’ll help you deliver a clear message to your customers at any scale.

features & benefits

Engage consumers instore

Increase instore conversion rates

Communicate your sales and promotions

Synchronise all of your content across all stores and all screens

Schedule your content days, weeks or months ahead

Securely manage all your content in one location

in numbers

of customers walk out of store empty handed. Improve your instore conversion.

Source: Retail Safari

1 in 6 brand purchases are made when a digital display showing branded content is present in-store.

Source: Popai Study

of shoppers

don’t stick to a predetermined purchase list, Viddi can help upsell, switch sell, cross sell and add-on sell.

Source: Retail Safari

viddi smart templates

Updating playlists and offers has never been easier.

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