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We’ve optimised our software so you can easily create and share content that fit the most basic or complex of strategies. Create powerful in-store signage content, instantly.


Create your own or use our smart templates to engage with your customers. From social feeds to product reviews, achieve incredible engagement and build trust and relationships.


It doesn’t matter whether you have one or 1000+ screens, whether you want to show your customers special offers, product benefits or content rich videos – control your digital signage content from any part of the world.


Make slideshows of your photos, stock images or any pictures at all


Create a showreel with an infinite amount of videos in your playlist


Give your documents a visual treatment they deserve with a slideshow feature


Compile your photos into a vivid and appealing photo wall

video stream

Stream your video content 24/7: live reports, concerts, cooking classes, etc.

free fonts

Use Hundreds of fonts to showcase your creativity

free stickers ⁄ shapes

Apply fun stickers to enhance your content


Discover a new, effective way to promote sales and product benefits in your store


Bring your specials and appetising hot offers into the light with digital menu boards

working hours

Display up to the minute trading hours and make changes instantly

floor plan

Coordination can be vital – use screens to lead people through the building

stock images

Choose from millions of stock images to keep it fresh

simple signage

It’s about time someone made digital signage easy #viddieasy


Your Viddi dashboard comes inbuilt with technology that’s simple to use. Create playlists full of engaging photos, videos, social feeds, opening hours, weather and much more in just a few clicks.
Learn about the types of content you can upload to Viddi


Choose from our set of Viddi Apps to engage with your audience. From social feeds to product reviews and benefits – achieve maximum engagement and build customer trust.


Instantly showcase your Instagram feed to your audience at a store level to evoke your brand story

Google Calendar

Sync your Viddi-powered screens with the Google calendar easily

Weather Forecast

It’s always useful to know when to take an umbrella, let your customers know what to prepare for


Subscribe to the most relevant news channels and feeds in minutes


Motivate, inspire and educate with the help of other people’s thoughts


Perfect for advertising in-store sales to customers – all possible with only a few clicks

Social Activity

Integrate any user-generated content from any social network

News Feed

Let your audience receive live news from any corner of the world

World Clock

We’re yet to invent teleportation, but timing sometimes means everything

Facebook Group

Get your audience acquainted with your Facebook communities


It doesn’t matter whether you have one or 1,000 screens, whether you share menu slides or stream art-house videos – control your content from any part of the world.

a streamlined network

multiple devices

Manage large numbers of devices easily

multiple environments

Viddi offers cross-platform solutions for any tasks

multiple locations

One dashboard to control multiple screens in numerous locations

control your content


Manage multiple playlists via location, simply


Control where and when you want your content shown

slide duration

Adjust the timing of your videos and playlist

simplify your workflow


Add your team or a colleague to the dashboard control


Turn the volume off if it distracts. Let the pictures speak for themselves

free cloud storage

Store as many media files as you need without any charge

the full package

Viddi content creation

Viddi 24/7 support

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Viddi system installations

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