digital signage data analytics

Digital signage data analytics allows you to gain powerful insights on your instore video content.

Viddi’s digital signage data analytics system allows you to monitor content and video plays across all stores and all screens.
Importantly it allows you to monetise a space that was previously ignored, leveraging your foot traffic and audience reach to run advertising and content for suppliers or external non-competing businesses.
Viddi Digital Signage assists with converting foot traffic into customers.

With an emphasis on data and analytics and report-ability, Viddi’s reporting capabilities enable total transparency via simplified data dashboards.

dynamic dashboard

Having a visual dashboard is a great way to keep track of your content and make sure you’re keeping it fresh. Search by location or content and instantly see your digital signage dashboard analytics.


Your in-store signage is powerful, but it can also be profitable. Let us show you how to monetise your signage and create a revenue stream you never knew existed.
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