Viddi How to Save Money With Viddi Digital Signage

Running a successful business means having a tight grip over your finances. Lowering expenses and increasing revenue is a primary goal for all companies. This is where Viddi digital signage can help. Let us explain how. 

Viddi digital signage has many benefits. It is attention-grabbing and can be effective at enticing new customers to try your business. It can increase brand awareness by communicating messages to existing customers. And it can increase sales if used in conjunction with smart branding and promotional strategies. Beyond these benefits, it is also a serious cost saver. 
Technology has changed the way many businesses operate. Things like flyers and catalogues are being phased out for digital versions that showcase real-time, personalised offers. Signage is the same. Digital signage is reducing the amount of paper being used, so it is better for the environment. It is improving speed to market by eliminating the time it takes to print collateral. Viddi can have your content, offers, videos, signage on all screens, in all stores within minutes.
Most importantly, it is saving costs in the production process. Once Viddi digital signage is installed, there are minimal ongoing costs. Unlike printed material which has the same upfront costs each time the creative is changed. 

Viddi – Start saving today with these tips.:

1. Go paperless
It is estimated that 24 trees are required to make one ton of paper. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it’s also no longer socially acceptable. Consumers are far more environmentally conscious than ever before, and they expect businesses to lead the charge in sustainability initiatives. Your customers expect you to go paperless.

From a financial perspective, it’s estimated that $8 billion is spent annually on paper. With digital technology an omnipresent part of our lives, this amounts to an enormous amount of money wasted. This is where digital signage can help. Forget costly and ineffective flyers; digital screens are a much more efficient and effective form of communication. 

Say you run an office with hundreds of employees. You might have announcements that you want to communicate to them as they arrive for work each day. You could print flyers and leave them by the reception desk, but this is likely to go unnoticed, whereas a digital sign in the lift would reach everyone as they enter and make a strong statement. This is just one example of how digital signage can be used in an office environment to enhance people’s experiences. Think critically about your current printing needs and ask yourself if these could be solved using a digital screen. 

Go paperless and more sustainable in your office, including your digital signage. Viddi.

2. Make money through advertising
Saving money is only one benefit. With a Viddi digital screen, you can leverage the reach you achieve by running advertising for suppliers or external non-competing businesses. Many organisations would love to communicate with your staff, be it Governments, banks, local restaurants or nearby retail stores. The opportunities are endless. A Viddi digital screen allows you to turn a messaging board into a profitable business asset. 
Viddi have set up modelling to showcase how to monetise your digital signage and sell your screens’ airtime, including ROI (return on investment) calculators and solutions to help you source co-op funding through your supply channels.

Not only can you monetise a space that was previously ignored, but you can also run more than one advertiser on a rotation. Digital out of home providers typically do this, running between six to ten advertisers on a cycle with each ad present for six seconds. This allows you to collect far more revenue than you could from a singular static advertisement. 

Monetisation of your Viddi digital signage is simple, with ROI calculators and solutions to help your source co-op funding. Viddi.

3. Say goodbye to printing costs
Businesses who own large office spaces in high traffic areas, like main roads, have often utilised this space to install a static billboard. If you are operating billboards around your business, you know how tiresome and time-consuming it can be to change them. Couple this with printing costs, and you may be overwhelmed by the management and installation time required every month. Thanks to technology, this is no longer the case. 

Say goodbye to printing costs and the tiresome and expensive exercise of changing your creative on billboards. Viddi.

Businesses that run multiple digital signage solutions are saving on costs associated with installation, printing and management. Also, they are far more flexible to their advertisers’ changing needs, being able to tailor messages to the time of day, day of the week, and seasonality. This creates new opportunities to build deep and meaningful connections with potential customers, all while saving money. 

4. Save Money Through Digital Signage
With almost everything going digital, signage in 2021 should be no different. Capitalise on this trend and save money, paper and time, while creating a more valuable monetisable solution you’re your business.

Save money through digital signage with Viddi.
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