how it works

Simple Solutions for any user, any scale, any goal. simply plug viddi in.

We like to keep
things simple

Viddi is designed to be user friendly and easy to use from a usability point of view, and importantly from an installation point of view. You simply ‘Plug Viddi In’ and you are away – plug in power, plug in ethernet, plug in HDMI and your Digital Signage comes to life. No I.T. Teams necessary.
set-up is as simple as ‘Plug Viddi In’…

That’s why we’ve optimised viddi into 4 ( yes, just 4 ) simple steps:

Viddi Digital Signage Plug in Power

step 1

Plug in power

Viddi Digital Signage Plug in Power Ethernet

step 2

Plug in ethernet

Viddi Digital Signage Plug in Power Ethernet HDMI

step 3

Plug in HDMI

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step 4

Watch viddi improve your instore experience

mass deployment

No more intricate installation process and manual adjustments, Viddi has zero-touch software enrolment pre-installed, so you simply plug the device into your display screen.


It couldn’t be easier!

Viddi Digital Signage Zero Touch

security & compliance

We’ve made it our mission to let your screens speak, captivate and engage your customers. To ensure nothing interferes with your experience, we’ve made sure your data is secured with higher than industry standard protocols.

Data storage in AWS cloud data centers

24/7/365 security guard monitoring

Compliance with SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act) and GDPR

MDM Systems for control & deployment

World class enterprise server infrastructure

World class SSL security encryption

Compliance with SOX and SDPR

Role based & Permissions

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