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We will showcase some of our installations from our key clients, discuss trends happening in the digital signage world, and provide some ‘How-To’ articles for the Viddi system.
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Viddi Digital Signage Smart Templates are built so you don't need to be a designer to create stand out digital signage for within your store. WATCH OUR VIDDI DIGITAL SIGNAGE SMART TEMPLATES VIDEO: It's easy to create your own content with Viddi's inbuilt Smart Template function. From...

Once you've signed up for Viddi Digital Signage, you'll receive an email from us which contains the details for the Viddi Dashboard Log In. Watch our Viddi Digital Signage Dashboard Video: How to login to your Viddi Dashboard Once you've signed up for Viddi Digital Signage, you'll receive...

Viddi Digital Signage was born out of the need for simplicity with the best in-class user experience and we've made sure it starts with the installation process. Watch our Viddi Installation Video: Viddi Digital Signage Installation Each location is unique so for this article let's assume you already...