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Digital Signage Trends for Retailers: While online shopping is growing exponentially due to the pandemic, retail stores still account for the vast majority of purchases made. And while eCommerce is forecasted to continue to gain market share from retail, shopping in person is unlikely to go away anytime soon. People enjoy the tactile nature of discovery and trial that’s only available in person. Yet retail stores do need to evolve with the times. The focus must be on implementing the latest technology and adapting the in-store experience to the latest consumer trends to stay relevant and engaging. 

This article will cover the latest digital signage trends for retailers and how you can implement these solutions simply and quickly in your stores.

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Why you need digital signage in your retail stores
A sophisticated digital signage solution customised to your industry needs can set you apart from your competitors whilst also providing significant cost-efficiencies. Not only is it attention-grabbing to people passing by, but it can solve fundamental pain points by improving the in-store customer service experience.
So, Why Viddi?

1. Brand Perception
When implemented in a well-thought-out and tasteful manner, Viddi Digital Signage can elevate your brand in the mind of potential customers. Depending on your business, your signage needs will differ. For example, a pharmacy retail chain may use their digital signage screens to educate customers on their various products. In contrast, a fashion retailer may use large format digital displays in their retail window to showcase video content from social media and user-generated images. It’s important to consider what your ideal customer would be attracted to and work with a partner to build a bespoke digital signage solution to achieve your goals.

Viddi Digital Signage allows retailers to showcase their offers, socials, range and educate their customers.

2. Win New Customers
Human beings are hardwired to notice movement. Over years of evolutionary development, we became attuned to sensing movement as a sign of potential danger, igniting a fight or flight response that puts us on high alert. And while danger is not the emotional response one typically is trying to achieve in a retail setting, movement, particularly video content, is automatically attention-grabbing. When video content is high-quality and tailored to the desired target audience, it can be an effective tool at gaining the attention of potential new customers and convincing them to enter your store.

3. Reduce Printing Costs
Two decades ago, it would have been near impossible to imagine a world without catalogues. Yet, now many retailers are evaluating ways to move this tried-and-tested marketing channel into the online world. Whether you’re a retailer who historically distributed catalogues to customers, or you have promotional flyers at the point of sale, a digital signage solution can help to save thousands of dollars on printing costs, while also providing a host of other benefits.
Learn more about reducing print costs and saving money with Viddi.

Viddi Digital Signage Save Money
Viddi Digital Signage allows you to save money on your print costs

4. Increase Sales
You can use digital signage to improving the customer experience in-store, helping you to capture customers who may have abandoned their purchase due to their experience. For example, say you operate a busy department store at Christmas time. A customer might enter your store and be looking for advice on the best perfume for young women, but because the store is so busy, it isn’t easy to find a salesperson to help.  Rather than wait, the customer may abandon their purchase and decide to go to a competitors store that’s not as busy. Alternatively, with a thoughtfully designed digital signage solution, you could install an interactive screen that asks several questions about the gift recipient before providing a personalised perfume recommendation.

Are you convinced of the benefits of having a digital signage solution in your retail store? I’m sure you are. Now, let’s talk through some of the possible uses for your signage solution.

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Best Practices For Digital Signage Creative in Retail Stores
Digital Signage Trends for Retailers: As mentioned earlier, your digital signage should be tailored to your specific retail needs and be focused on thoughtfully addressing customer pain points at the exact time they arise. However, some general principles can apply more broadly, regardless of your industry. The following recommendation will show you how to maximise the performance of your digital signs.

Cross-Channel Creative
You know that television commercial you paid thousands to produce and even more money to air? Get more mileage out of the creative by running it in your store window. Not only does this make your creative more cost-efficient, but it also helps to reinforce your campaign messaging and ensure your communications to your customer are consistent. 

Turn Static Posters into Animated Gifs
Retailers have long been displaying static posters in their store windows to highlight various promotional and brand messages to entice customers to enter their store. With digital signage, you can use movement to bring these static posters to life. Try opting for simple animations as part of your graphic design. Even subtle motion can be effective at catching the eye of customers passing by.

User-Generated Content
Your customers are your best advocates, and they’re already talking about you on social media. Harness the power of your brand advocates by bringing user-generated content from social media into your in-store digital signage displays. Research has shown that people are more interested in purchasing when they can see themselves represented in the product’s marketing. User-generated content is perfect at doing this, and content creation doesn’t cost you a cent.

Public Health Announcements
COVID-19 has changed how most retail stores operate by adding additional requirements to ensure public safety, like occupancy limits, sanitising stations and mandatory mask-wearing. Before the pandemic, it would have been difficult to imagine the speed at which industries have had to adapt to new public health requirements. As digital signage displays can be updated instantly, retailers can easily ensure their stores are fully compliant with the latest government instructions.
Read more about digital signage for Public Health Announcements.

In-store events are a great way to offer your customers a unique experience that can’t be replicated online. Digital signage is a great way to showcase the event details in the lead up to raise awareness and generate interest, as well as highlight the content captured at the event afterwards.

Restaurant & Café Menus
Digital signage is an excellent way to capture customers’ attention and entice them to enter your restaurant or café. The digital signage can be used to display your food and drink menus, pictures of your dishes, interior photos of your restaurant décor and of course, current promotions. Digital signage kiosks can also provide contact-less ordering for customers, speeding up the ordering process for the restaurant and minimising staffing requirements.
Read more about Restaurant Digital Signage.

Outdoor digital signage from Viddi is a great way to entice customers to come into your restaurant or cafe.

What’s The Best Location For Digital Signage?
Digital Signage Trends for Retailers: Now that you know why you need digital signage in your retail stores and what types of content you can highlight, you need to think about the best location to place them. A bespoke digital signage solution should be custom-made for your business and focus on addressing your customer’s specific needs. For example, if increasing foot traffic into your store is a goal, outdoor digital signage or window displays would be perfect. If your goal is to get more people to try on the clothes inside your store, you may want digital panels in your wall bays to highlight the features and benefits of your best-selling products, along with images of happy customers in the products.

At Viddi, we are experts in analysing your business goals, your customer’s behaviour and your store layout to custom design a solution that works for you. Speak to one of our friendly staff today.

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