Viddi Digital Signage Industries.
Viddi Digital Signage is a simple to use Digital Signage system, across all industries,
including Retail, Cafes, Real Estate, Medical and Education.
Viddi is a simple digital signage solution, no matter what the industry

Viddi Digital Signage Fashion Shopping


Viddi Digital Signage Real Estate Signage

Real Estate

Viddi Digital Signage Medical Signage


Viddi Digital Signage Education Signage


Viddi Digital Signage Corporate Signage

Corporate & communication

Viddi Digital Signage Spa Salon Signage

Spa & Salon

Viddi Digital Signage Sanctuaries Signage



Improve the overall office experience

Feature motivating content and new career opportunities within your organisation. Encourage your employees with motivating videos and dynamic content showcasing the office community’s life.

Grow your internal communications network

Whether you need to communicate hourly, daily, weekly or send an urgent directive out to all staff, Viddi is the answer!
Learn how to use digital signage to communicate with your staff

Visually inform your employees

Viddi is also a great way to communicate with your staff via video. Imagine being able to grab your phone, shoot a mini training video, upload the file and send to all staff, instantly. It’s a great way to engage and far more effective than a boring email.

Cut your costs significantly

Have you ever wondered how much you spend on printed material to get messages across. Well, with Viddi those days are gone!
4 ways you’ll save money with Viddi Digital Signage

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