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With 2020 now firmly behind us, it’s time to set our focus towards a post-pandemic world.
While Australia is still in the throws of the COVID-19 vaccination roll-out, optimism has been restored to the market. Consumers are looking forward to returning to socialising with friends and family. Yet most people agree that not everything will be the same as before. The restaurant industry suffered immense hardship in 2020, with stay-at-home orders forcing many businesses to shut their doors or pivot quickly to offering takeaway options. Restaurant owners must look at how to future proof their businesses and connect with the new modern consumer. A core part of this is how a restaurant presents itself through its digital signage, and we’ve summed up the top six digital signage trends to focus on for success in 2021.

Why Should Restaurants Use Viddi Digital Signage?
2020 saw immense changes for everyone, but the restaurant industry was particularly hard hit.
According to Forbes, one in four restaurants is at risk for closure, and the National Restaurant Association reported the industry had lost $120 billion.

While delivery is a viable option in the short-term, adapting to a new way of socialising in person will be critical to a business’ success. This is where technology can help. Adopting smart technologies that are purpose-built for your restaurant and meet your customers’ needs can open up a new dining experience with safety at its core. Restaurant digital signage is one such technology.

Viddi Digital Signage Ensures Flexibility, Speed and Impact
Digital screen technology allows restaurants to change their message quickly based on market conditions while also providing a more significant visual impact than static signage. With so much competition in the restaurant market, standing out is vital. We’ve summed up six trends sure to make your business get noticed for all the right reasons

1. Outdoor Menus Go Digital
With the heightened focus on sustainability, paper menus have been on their way out for a long time.
Digital menu boards are part and parcel of doing business in the 21st century, but outdoor menu boards have historically been static a-frames or inserts. With so much dynamism in the world, printed menus simply can’t keep up. It’s time to turn your outdoor signage digital and leverage the benefits.

Digital outdoor signage can allow your business to show specific promotions for each day of the week or time of day. You can rotate through brand-related messaging as well as practical information like opening hours or a full menu. Make your creative enjoyable to look at and lure customers into your business.
Viddi also allows your outdoor digital signage to showcase your Instagram feed to ensure all your customers ‘#foodporn‘ snaps from your restaurant are shown off to your customers.

Create outdoor digital menu signage for your customers. Viddi.

2. Say It Loud and Say It Proud
With so many options available, the only way to guarantee you’ll be chosen by your ideal customer is to stand out.
With content scheduling, you can display your coffee and breakfast content in the morning, lunch deals and specials throughout the middle of the day, switch to happy hour deals and offers at 3pm and effortlessly change your digital signage to your night time dinner menus, all scheduled weeks ahead.
Use high-quality still image and 4K video content shown on a bright screen that is seen from various angles. Make sure you test any solution through the eyes of potential customers. Is the display clear enough upfront and at a distance? Does it stand out from my competition? Does it make me want to dine here?
In a digital world where content is king, ensure you are displaying your best mouth-watering food content for your customers to see.

3. Manage Expectations
With so much business being about takeaway and delivery, restaurants have had to drastically change their processes. And with any new system, there are sure to be some teething issues. Customers are typically more understanding when they are informed.

Use Viddi digital signage at your restaurant to show the number of orders in the queue and the anticipated wait time. As digital signage is versatile, once the peak period declines, you can switch to other promotional or brand-related content, videos and images or simply a $15 steak offer.

4. Self-service ordering
Self-service kiosks are not new, with grocery and department stores leading the roll out over the past decade. However, social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to do it yourself.

Self-service screens not only limit the interaction between your customers and staff, slowing the spread of coronavirus, but they can also be a powerful marketing tool. It can serve as both a digital menu and ordering service, as well as a call to action to engage with your restaurant on social media, communicate the latest promotions, even show a live football match. With the right configuration, the opportunities to keep your customer engaged and increase dwell time at your venue really are endless.

Self Service Kiosks are the future in cafes, restaurants and hospitality. Viddi.

5. Compliance with your venue’s Covid Safe Plan
With social distancing being the new norm, restaurants have had stringent regulations introduced which restrict what diners can do. Viddi digital signage is one way to minimise contact between people, as it can also be used to display new venue rules for social distancing.

Not only can you keep people up to date about what is and isn’t allowed, but you can also use this to communicate broader messages of wellbeing and connect with your customers more deeply. For example, you might use it as an opportunity to highlight that you’re a family-owned business and cross-sell different services you now offer.

Ensure your cafe, restaurant or hospitality venue is compliant with the COVID safe plan. Viddi.

6. Let’s Get Social
Social media is a core way that people find new restaurants and support their favourites. It’s a quick way of endorsing a venue to your friends and followers while also highlighting how much of a great time you had on that particular day. This activity is something restaurant owners can leverage to boost their sales.

Using digital signage, you can encourage your customers to engage with you on social media by liking and following your page, as well as sharing their thoughts about their experience on their own profile. Viddi also allows your outdoor digital signage to showcase your Instagram feed to ensure all your customers ‘#foodporn‘ snaps from your restaurant are shown off to your customers.
Viddi allows you to plug in multiple forms of Social Media including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
Find out more about the types of content you can connect via Viddi:

An instagrammable restaurant with a unique visual design, a distinctive personality and great food and service will stand out and be shared online more regularly. Getting creative with your signage and messaging will help you generate more conversations online, which ultimately leads to more customers in your restaurant.

An Instagrammable restaurant is a busy restaurant. Viddi.
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