installation couldn’t be

any easier, you simply…

plug in

Viddi Digital Signage Simplified Installation.
Viddi is designed to be user friendly and easy to use from a usability point of view, and importantly from an installation point of view. You simply ‘Plug Viddi In’ and you are away – plug in power, plug in ethernet, plug in HDMI and your Digital Signage comes to life. No I.T. Teams necessary.
set-up is as simple as ‘Plug Viddi In’…

Viddi Digital Signage Simplified Installation

Viddi Digital Signage HDMI Screen Source



In the TV System menu, ensure demo or store mode is switched off and select HDMI 1 as the source

Viddi Digital Signage Plug In Power



Plug the Viddi Player into Power

Viddi Digital Signage Plug In Ethernet



Plug your Ethernet cable
into the Viddi Player

Viddi Digital Signage HDMI Plug In



Plug one end of your HDMI cable into the Viddi Player and the other end into your TV (or splitter) ensuring HDMI 1 port is used on the TV

Viddi Digital Signage Zero Touch

a simple IT


When we say simple, we mean it. IT departments don’t need another headache, and neither do you, which is why we’ve designed viddi to be super simple to manage

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