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Viddi is a cost efficient business must have.

A decade ago, I.T. professionals may have said that using digital signage solutions was a clunky experience that was difficult to manage, how times have changed! IT technicians have long heralded the idea that digital signage isn’t worth the hassle, but with cloud-based signage solutions like Viddi, installation, management, and execution has become far more seamless and reliable. While we’re not entirely impartial, we are well-positioned to give you an overview of how the industry has evolved and what to look for in a digital signage solution in 2021. We’re confident once you read below, even the most stringent non-believer will be convinced that digital signage is straightforward to use, effective and cost-efficient.

Viddi. A simple I.T. Solution, with Zero Touch Installation. No I.T. Specialists required

You’ll learn how Viddi has integrated the below four attributes in a market-leading digital signage solution:
– Simplicity
– Effectiveness
– Reliability
– Security

The Viddi solution is purpose-built for small and large businesses alike. Whether you’re managing two screens or two thousand, our digital signage technology is guaranteed to work for your needs. For IT professionals, this means no time pulling your hair out over network errors and instead reaping the below benefits.

Be set up in minutes, not hours
Anyone who has set up Ikea furniture with their significant other has a right to be understandably sceptical of businesses claiming that something seemingly detailed can be set up in a few minutes.
But never fear! We really do mean it.
When you’re dealing with Viddi, our software is so straightforward that integration is completed in minutes, not hours. Set up is so simple, I’ve detailed the instructions below in this article:

  1. Select HDMI 1 as the TV source
  2. Simply plug the Viddi player into power
  3. Next, plug an ethernet cable into the Viddi player
  4. Plug your HDMI cable into the Viddi player and the other end into your TV – & you’re away with Viddi Digital Signage
Installation couldn’t be easier, you simply… Plug Viddi In.

With technology evolving so quickly, the job of I.T. professionals is also rapidly changing. We understand this, so we’ve made sure that our digital signage solution won’t take up any more of your precious time than absolutely necessary. It’s intuitive, simple and quick.

Simple to manage
The key to effective digital signage is excellent content – ‘Content is King
Businesses who know a thing or two about producing great content know that managing the volume of content created can be very difficult. It’s essential to have a great system in place to ensure you’re showing the right message to the right audience. Having files named promo.v10 doesn’t tell you much about what this content is, and it doesn’t help streamline the management of your digital screens. This is where a content management system (CMS) can come in. An effective CMS is an IT and marketing professionals’ best friend, and equally managing a slow and unreliable CMS is an absolute nightmare. At Viddi, we understand that no one should have to put up with a confusing and unpredictable CMS. This is why our purpose-built system was designed with simplicity and efficiency at its core. And we’re always working on it to make sure it’s state-of-the-art and the best in the market.
Learn about the types of content that Viddi can play

A simple CMS to make the process easy and quick. Viddi.
Zero Touch technology allows for fast, easy and imple set up, without the need for an I.T. team. Viddi.

What does this mean for you? Viddi is a central location for you to create, change, design, organise and schedule your content. It’s pretty much everything you could want in one place if we do say so ourselves. It doesn’t require any specialist knowledge, and we’ve included design templates to help you build a sophisticated and creative content library that works for your business. Learn more about the Smart Template Builder and Custom Templates

Say you work in the I.T. department for a large airport. You manage a network of over 500 screens. With a clunky system, managing this many screens could be a real headache. With Viddi, you can update content for each site or group locations and apply rules to decide what content is served when. A job that may have previously taken multiple people can now be controlled seamlessly from our system in a fraction of the time.
Viddi is a cost efficient business must have.

Create, schedule and manage your content across all connected screens, in all stores, from one dashboard. Viddi.

Dedicated Support Technicians
Even technology is fallible. If something breaks down, it can be incredibly frustrating. We understand that sometimes the unpredictable happens (hello, 2020!), so we have a dedicated support team available to help. Our team are experts in digital signage, having lived and breathed it for years, and there’s rarely a problem they can’t solve. For any technical queries, please email: hello@viddi.co or call 1300 58 40 20 (& select option 2)

Our approach is personal, and we make sure you have a dedicated support contact at all times.

We firmly believe that communication is vital, that’s why we’re in the digital communication business. This ethos is applied to our customer service too. You’ll always be kept informed of any updates to your case and receive reliable support from our technicians.

With digital signage being more affordable, reliable, and simple to use, it’s a no brainer for any business looking to improve its operating processes and improve its communication with its customers. Viddi is a cost efficient business must have.

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